A kind soul sent a donation for the Katwe Youth Resource Centre. The $60 will go a long ways for the kids

The new Katwe Youth Resource Centre
The new Katwe Youth Resource Centre

Today I received a $60 donation for the Kids of the Katwe Youth Resource Centre in Ugonda Africa.  The Centre has a new roof now and the money will help get it ready for the kids when they make the move in December.  We are happily planning a Christmas party for the kids once they have moved.  The Lord knows they don’t receive many things they require from any other sources.

It is a pleasure to be a part of the planning and implementation of our goals.  I hope you are keeping up on the latest news.

The Katwe Youth Resource Centre in the village will have electricity very soon.  Once it reaches the village,  we have plans to have it installed.   Many things need more immediate attention at the moment.  I will keep you advised as to our progress.

Thank you

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Robert Allan Coots