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"Unity Makes Us Stronger"
“Unity Makes Us Stronger”

Author Street Team was originally a marketing test by Robert Allan Coots. The discovery of higher Visabilty to promote greater sales. “It all started when Steven asked me to start a street team. I wanted to see if I could get more than 8 people to see a post on Facebook.”. It all started in June of 2014. 3 Authors pushing posts (likes, shares and comments) The first test had good results; 12 to 18 views per post.(kloute score 54)

The second test was with 5 Authors for 5 days. We hit a nerve in the marketing industry breaching the bottom of the top 10% in World Wide media marketing. After this event, I was contacted by an Author to help push a free eBook. The weekend after the event had ended. 3 days, Friday thru Sunday, ” I had to sit down and have a second glass of wine.” He stated. I asked “Why?” He told me he had just given away 5,000 free ebooks.(kloute score 60.34)

The third test was great, approximately 12 Authors and 6 fans attended and pushed hard. It was for 30 days (which I might add, Facebook no longer allows) it hit in India, Africa, Australia and parts unknown. (Kloute score 62.45)

The ASTC Leap Year Party has made the Team expand in new and exciting directions as it continues.

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Founder and CEO of
Author Street Team
Robert Allan Coots
March 3, 2016