Author Street Team Partial/Full Membership available

   There are a couple of choice’s. You want a page on the price is $4.95 per page.  $9.95 for a page and 1 book module submission per month for the promotion’s.  Each additional book added to the book module is an additional $4.95 per month.

   Adding your swag to Author Street Team Events:  all swag is the responsibility of the Author.

Presentation of your work at Author Street Team planned openings and physical Events:   $49.95 for each entry.

   You can get a review from Author Street Team for $39.95,  one time fee for 1 book review.

   The Author Street Team is also still offering full lifetime membership for a one time fee of $495 and it has everything listed above included.  I have plans for a Published AST Magazine.  This is the reason AST is Charging for the site and some extras.

   As a partial membership Author;  any and all money’s you pay would be deducted from the lifetime membership if you ever switch.

   This team is owned by Authors,  not a corporation that is just out to get your money.  I do intend to incorporate in the future for all Authors involved.  Hope as a non-profit Author support system.

   While you are current as a member,  you have full vote to influence the team’s direction.  Most of the Authors don’t understand,  I’m not trying to make money with this. I’m trying to get beneficial choice’s that help every member.

   Once published, the AST Guidebook will be free to full membership and a discounted price to partial membership.  I will notify everyone when the Guidebook is complete.  My time is short as well.

   As always,  the Author Street Team on Facebook, Twitter,  Google and Instagram are free to use.

   You would also have an opportunity to get your own website at a cost of $124.95 a year.  You can add your own book module at an affordable added cost of $100 per year.   For a total of $224.95 you get a plug and play word press style website with a book module and minimal tech support.  The host is an Author.  Author Street Team helped him,  now he is helping back with this option.

   Once you have full membership,  you will receive a welcome package in the mail.  It will contain your full membership authorization.

   All offers are subject to change.  Author Street Team is not the Host provider.  We are not affiliated in any way with the Host provider.

Founder and CEO of

Author Street Team

Robert Allan Coots