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Author Street Team main link
Author Street Team main link

Author Street Team Re-Tweet
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Author Street Team Re-Tweet

@RcCoots @OffTheRAC10


Re-tweet instructions

Before you begin
Step 1) Locate the Re-tweet daily thread for yesterday and tap the comments.

Step 2) Move to the top link and tap it, it should take you to the tweet on Twitter.

Step 3) tap the arrow box for retwetting.

Step 4) While you are on the Twitter post you can favorite and or share. For best results do so. Share to all your media sites

Step 5) repeat until you have Re-tweeted all the links, make sure you like each after you finish Re-tweeting each, it helps you keep track of your spot on the Facebook Re-tweet thread.

Preparing your post

1) create a teaser photo, photo collage or picture of what your Book/s

2) log into Twitter and post it with a total of 140 character statement. # are advisable

3) copy Link– tap your new post and the screen moves to your full post. Three dots are in the upper right corner for smart phones. Tap them and copy link

4) Log into your Facebook.

5) Locate the current Re-tweet thread (daily post)

6) paste your link in the comments. Once you are on the right thread, tap and hold until the icon/cursor changes for options. Past link to the Re-tweet group.


You just posted to a Re-tweet train daily thread.

Be sure to Re-tweet all links as people add them, usually open for 24 hours until you see,
End of Thread

You may need to visit the thread again after the end of thread is posted to complete the Train requirements

Re-Tweet Train Daily Thread
Make sure you tweet everybody!! Check yesterday’s thread
RULES (Non Negotiable!)
1. Post ONE TWEET in the comments section of the daily thread. See pinned post for procedure for Smart Phones
2. REMOVE PREVIEWS (this will make the thread more user friendly and you’ll be able to do this underneath your tweet about 5 seconds after posting it).
3. YOU MUST Re-tweer ALL OTHER TWEETS by team members in the daily thread you post your tweet in. If you have a busy day ahead of you, no problem, but return first thing the next day and complete your Re-tweets before posting again. After tweeting another members tweet, select “LIKE” on their comment to signify that you have.
4. YOU MUST FAVOURITE/LIKE ALL OTHER TWEETS by clicking on the star or ‘favorite’ icon at the bottom of each tweet. Favorites and Re-tweets will make your tweets much more visible within Twitter and will help them rise to the top of the tweet pile.
Remember that Twitter will only allow 140 characters per tweet – so keep within this margin.