Today, already has begun differently.  I feel,  I’m definitely making positive difference in the lives of authors.  But I’m getting a head of myself.

I am a cab driver at the moment. I, as aIways talk about things I’m doing with people I think may be interested.  Not so long ago, I picked up some gentleman and spoke about the team.  It is very difficult to know if what you do or say effects people in the right manner.

A man I picked up today informed me, “I did what you said, Sir.”

I asked him what he meant.  He informed me that he started writing and posted it.  He is getting positive feedback.  He read it to me in the cab.  I have to admit, he has talent as a writer.

What happend next, I will never forget. He held out his hand and said, ” I want to thank you, you have inspired me.”

At this point I really didn’t know what to say.  I handed him our card and told him we would push it on the website if he sent an email.

I am so … I’m not sure.  It makes me so proud to be an Author and part of Author Street Team.

Founder and CEO of
Author Street Team
Robert Allan Coots