Never Delete a post. It shows up as a bad example of your work if anyone has shared it

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It is difficult to get your work the visable reach that is nesisary on any given Media source.  Never Delete a post that has been shared.  It sets a bad example of your work out in the media.  When it has been shared and you delete the ariginal post; the shared post shows up as attachment unavailable.  Nothing else except your name and attachment unavailable.  To me that is a sign that you are not proud if your work.

Posting from your website can reduce the problems.  Be sure to edit before sharing.  It is recommended that you create an Author page on Facebook.  This will allow you to control your posts origin better.  Once you have an Author page,  share from your website to the Author page, always.  From the Author page,. You can share to any page or group you choose.  Be careful concerning your content and the groups/page standards.

It will be easier to check the effectiveness of your posts if you follow these simple guidelines.

Founder and CEO

Author Street Team

Robert Allan Coots