The mountains in the distance sit quietly as the wind gently kisses them good night. The sun rolled its last rays as it eases past the horizon. Our hopes and dreams begin anew once more, the impending doom of another day passes beyond. For now the little people of Earth feel they are most important. Understandably ignorant in many ways, new to life. Older and wiser beings watch and wait for the children to become civilized. Morality and humane behavior oftentimes forgotten. Earthlings we are and we must become more.

By Robert Allan Coots
August 16, 2017

Hard at Work

We are working hard to expand our reach into an uncharted territory.  Uganda is open and full of opportunities.  The grown in this poor country is about to expand as China looks into the agricultural industry

Shops are complete August 10th, 2017
Shops are complete
August 10th, 2017

Hope to get the kids settled by Christmas

The new Katwe Youth Resource Centre
The new Katwe Youth Resource Centre

We are adding the doors and windows. Should be close.  The goal is to get the children into the new Centre by Christmas. The problem is we haven’t installed the electricity yet  it is going to be about $500 to have electric installed and hooked up.

Can you Tweet The Tweet. October 17, 2016


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